Genus Cladonia (family: Cladoniaceae)

This genus is occurs worldwide, with nearly 50 species found in New Zealand. Many are found growing on soil, but some are also found growing on old tree stumps.

Cladonia chlorophyaea

This one was growing on the top of an old stump.

Cladonia enantia

I found this growing in the soil on a bank beside the track. The brown fruiting bodies are very small - you need to look quite closely to see them.

Cladonia fimbriata

This species is one which I have found growing on soil in an open area in the bush.

Cladonia floerkeana

One of my favorite lichens!

Without the bright red knobs (spore-bearing structures called apothecia), this one would be hardly noticeable. I have found it on rotting wood on the edge of the bush, and on the bark of a fallen pine tree.

Height: 2-3cm

Cladonia ramulosa

This one is always easy to recognise with its tapering podetia - those tall upright growths.

It is usually found on banks amongst mosses.

This species was once known as C. pityrea, then became C. anomaea, before being renamed as C. ramulosa.

Cladonia verticillata
now known as Cladonia cervicornis var. verticillata

This species is also known as the "Pogoda Lichen" because of the "saucers" on stalks which can have other smaller "saucers" on stalks growing from within them. If you look carefully you can see several like that in this photo.