Weraroa erythrocephala

"Red Pouch Fungus"

This one could easily be confused with Paurocotylis pila, but this one has a stem, and is brown inside, while P. pila is white and hollow inside, and doesn't have a stem.

Weraroa novaezelandiae

An irregular roundish head which is a pale blue-grey colour and about 10 - 15 mm diameter.

It has a slightly rough surface.

Weraroa virescens

"Blue Pouch Fungus"

A pale blue colour, with a slippery surface.

Overall size - 5-7 cm.

Whenever I have found these Weraroa fungi, they often appear to have been nibbled by some small animal - perhaps a snail or insect.

The pouch doesn't open to release the spores (a feature described as secotioid), so perhaps these fungi are dependent on small animals to release and spread the spores.

Another secotioid fungus is Tympanella galanthina