Hygrocybe fulingata

Cap diam. about 40mm.

Not a great specimen, but the only one I have found of this species. It's colour makes it hard to spot amongst the leaf litter on the forest floor. The gills are always a pale yellow, which helps to differentiate it from the next species below.

Hygrocybe fuscoaurantiaca

Another waxgill which can be very difficult to spot amongst the leaf litter.

Cap diam about 35mm. Gills are a bright orange.

Hygrocybe lilaceolamellata

This one is quite a distinctive waxgill with its lilac coloured gills (lamellae).

Cap diam. up to 40mm.

I found several patches of them at the bush edge, growing under rimu trees.

Hygrocybe keithgeorgei

Not the most attractive waxgill! It is almost black in the shade of the bush, and is very easy to miss. The colour changes to more of an olive green as it ages, and there is a purplish tint to the gills.

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