Gliophorus lilacipes

This one seems to be somewhat variable, and in the past has apppeared in one publication as H.viridis, and in another as G. versicolor.

The colour of this one varies as the cap ages, changing to a washed-out pink. These ones started off a blue colour. Found growing amongst mosses at the base of pungas.

Another one where microscopic details are important for identification.

Gliophorus lilacipes

Another Gliophorus lilacipes.

This specimen has no blue/green colours which are usually a feature of G. lilacipes.

Gliophorus pallidus

This species is quite glutinous on the cap and stipe. It is a pale pink/orange colour and the gills have a pale orange colour to them.

Height- up to 3-4 cm.

It could be confused with Gliophorus versicolor, but the microscopic details can help differentiate them. Also, the cap of this one is far more glutinous than that of G.versicolor.

Gliophorus versicolor

This one is quite variable, with colours ranging from reddish brown to lilac-pink.

Size - up to abot 3-4 cm.

The cap is less glutinous the G.pallidus, but the stipe is very glutinous (slimy).

When I first saw this little group, I thought I had come across some more G. pallidus, but then the blue colour on the stipe and the reddish-brown tints to the caps made me think again.

With microscopic examination, it turned out to be G.versicolor.

Gliophorus lilacinoides

This species can be similar to some variations of G. versicolor. It has a reddish-brown tinge to it, and can be very glutinous.

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