The Camarophyllus genus belongs to the Hygrophoraceae (Waxgill) family.
Camarophyllus patinaecolor

This mature specimen is quite a distinctive shape, with it's decurrent gills and "dimple" in the centre of the cap. Usually up to about 40-50 mm high, and up to 30mm across, but I have seen some as large as 80mm across. Grows amongst leaf litter on the ground.

Camarophyllus apricosus

A very small orange waxgill - the largest one here has a diameter of 8mm.

Camarophyllus aurantiopallens

These are very small - the largest here would be approx 10mm diam.

Camarophyllus griseorufescens

Height - 5-7 cm.

Seems to grow singly, scattered amongst leaf litter. The gills are a pale grey.

Camarophyllus pratensis var. gracilis

Found amongst leaf litter in mixed broad-leaved forest in mid-winter.

Diameter- 25-45 mm.

Has decurrrent gills as shown in the next image.

Camarophyllus impuris

A lovely little off-white mushroom.

It has a distinctive umbo (that little raised bit in the middle of the cap).

Note the decurent gills.

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