Blechnum fraseri

B. fraseri is very common in the Kaimais and in other lowland forest areas in the upper North Is, and coastal areas of NW Nelson and the northern part of the West Coast.

This Blechnum has quite a different appearance from the other ones in that it has a short woody trunk, and also the fact that its sterile and fertile fronds are similar, whereas in all the other speces of Blechnums they are different.

The image below shows the two types of fronds.

The image above shows a sterile frond to the left, and two fertile fronds centre and right, the right-hand one showing the underneath side. Notice that the pinnae ("leaves" on a frond) are narrower on a fertile frond.

The image to the right shows a closeup of the underneath side of a fertile frond. The edge of each pinnae has produced an indusium which rolls inwards to cover the developing sporangia.

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