This family are generally large, upright, and have long narrow leaves with sharp points. They also have sexes on separate plants. The females bear the capsules, and the males have a "rosette" at the stem tip with the antheridia in it.

Atrichum androgynum

This moss lacks the stiff leaves that others in this family have and the leaves have a translucent look to them.

The leaves have teeth on the edge and also on the back in the upper part of the leaf.

A closer view of the teeth on the edge and on the back of the leaf.

Note the double teeth on the edge - easily visible in the upper right hand part of the image.

Dawsonia superba

When you see this moss, you may think you are looking at some seedling pine trees. It is regarded as the tallest moss in the world.

This image shows capsules of varying ages on Dawsonia.
Dendroligotrichum dendroides

This species also looks like a miniature tree.


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