The mosses in this family tend to be epiphytes ie. they grow on other plants.

Papillaria crocea

This specimen was found growing on a fallen tree in a sunny clearing. It has finer, smaller leaves than Papillaria flavo-limbata

Papillaria flavo-limbata

This species was also found growing on a rotten branch in an sunny position. It was more of a yellow colour, and has larger coarse- looking foliage compared to P.crocea.

(A bigger, better image coming soon!)

Weymouthia cochlearifolia

This one is found on the trunks of trees, quite often forming large clumps.

"Cochlearifolia" means spoon-shaped, which decribes the leaf shape, when viewed under magnification.

Weymouthia mollis

This one is quite easy to recognise - it hangs down from branches in long fine strands. It tends to occur in damper areas of the bush. Its leaves are finer than that of W. cochlearifolia.


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