These are found in quite damp areas, and because of their flattened leaves, they could be mistaken for a liverwort - until they produce a capsule.

Distichophyllum crispulum

The leaves of this species are more pointed than the other species and the leaf border is more or less lacking teeth.

Distichophyllum microcarpum

This species is larger than the others in this genera. It could be confused with Achrophyllum but it has a long nerve and the leaf margin cells are different.

The leaf border of Distichophyllum microcarpum.
Distichophyllum pulchellum

The leaves of this one are about 1.5 - 2 mm long. Although the leaves look as if they are in rows, they aren't, but are flattened into one plane.

Distichophyllum rotundifolium

The leaves of this species are more rounded and have a stout toothed border.


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