There is only one genus in this family in New Zealand - the genus Radula. The species are epiphytic and generally found in wet environments. I have mostly found them amongst other bryophytes. They could be confused with Frullania species, but Radula species do not have underleaves.

Radula buccinifera

This is the most common of the Radulas. It is very small, with the leaves being less than 1 mm in diameter.

This image shows two perianths on Radula buccanifera.

A perianth is a structure made of modified leaves enclosing the developing sporophyte.

Radula marginata

Forms mats on earth on rock, tree trunks or logs.

It has a distinct leaf margin.

Radula physoloba

A pale coloured Radula usually found growing on the bark of small trees, and occasionally on logs.

Radula silvosa

Found on rocks and soil in shady bush.


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